Six miniseries 2016

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  • Original Title: Six
  • Country: United States
  • Channel: History
  • Release Date: Nov, 2016
  • Genres: ActionDramaHistory
  • Created by: William Broyles, David Broyles, Harvey Weinstein
  • Cast: Juan Pablo Raba as Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz, Dominic Adams as Michael, Barry Sloane as John “Bear” Graves, Edwin Hodge as Robert Chase III, Kyle Schmid as Alex Caulder, Walton Goggins as Richard "Rip" Taggart, Nadine Velazquez as Jackie
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 60 mins

The plot of Six television drama series centers on a day-to-day life of U. S. Navy SEAL Team Six. The best members of this squad took part in the most difficult missions. They had successfully carried out the operation, killing Osama bin Laden, a former founder and leader of al-Qaeda. The series was inspired by Team’s operations and will explore the nature and destiny of the characters, who deal with life-and death issues several times per day.

The series was created by William Broyles, a Vietnam veteran. His experiences in Vietnam inspired some of his projects like “Jarhead”. The events of the 1st season of series developed in Africa. The places of action of the next seasons will be changed.

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Episode 1 | S01E01 "Pilot" >> Nov, 2016
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