The Arrangement season 1 2017

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  • Original Title: The Arrangement
  • Country: United States
  • Channel: E!
  • Release Date: March 1, 2017
  • Genres: DramaThriller
  • Created by: Jonathan Abrahams
  • Cast: Christine Evangelista as Megan Morrison, Josh Henderson as Kyle West, Michael Vartan as Terrence Anderson, Lexa Doig as Deann Anderson, Autumn Reeser as Leslie Bellcamp, Katharine Isabelle as Hope, Carra Patterson as Shaun
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 60 mins

An upcoming drama series The Arrangement follows a young actress, who only starts a career and improves her acting skills.

Constant auditions and endless wandering between different studios are exhausted for aspiring actress. The girl does her best in order to find a good and acceptable job. She struggles to find herself in the world of film industry and will go to all lengths in order to realize her dream – to become a famous and well paid movie star. However, there is a small thing like bounds she can’t go beyond. In her way to fame she constantly faces with a necessity to enlist the support of acquaintances in becoming actress.

During another audition, she came into notice of a well-known producer and tycoon hunting for young talents. He has put his funds into new movie. The girl decides to use all her charm and charisma in order to seduce the wealthy producer. He calls the main character out on a date that would give her a new start in career and change her life forever. You can download season 1 of The Arrangement TV show in HD and without registration at our website

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Episode 1 | S01E01 "Pilot" >> March 1, 2017